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The Embossed Boards from the Grabner range are composite elements with veneer top layers and an inner core made from plywood, formed by using our own developed embossing process. The Embossed Boards are available in several wood types and embossed surfaces.

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  • Format: 2980 x 1250 mm (plywood carrier)
  • (Other formats on request!)
  • Thickness: 19,5 mm (+/- 0,5mm)


Altholz Fichte Detail
Birke Detail
Eiche Europ. Spalt
Nussbaum Amerikanisch Spalt
Zirbe Spalt Detail
Altholz Eiche Diamant
Asteiche Diamant

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  • Quick Facts
    Pallet size: 36 units
    Purchase quantity: can be produced from 1 unit up
    Thickness: 19,5 mm (+/- 0,6 mm) (other thicknesses on request)
  • Quality
    front side = A
    backside = B - Inner side quality
  • Joining method
    sliced veneer top layers joined in solid character
  • Gluing
  • Scope of application
    furniture industry (fronts, visible sides, front filling panels, cover material etc.) & interior design (wall- and ceiling panelling, sliding door elements, interior doors, door skins etc.)
  • Inner layer
    embossing one-sided = Birch plywood AW 100
  • Top layer
    sliced veneer top layers 0.6 – 1.5 mm (depending on type of wood)
  • Processing


    The Embossed Boards can be easily cut with sharp hard-metal saw blades. The use of a scorer is not absolutely necessary, but is recommended. However it is to be ensured that cutting is not performed at excessive feed speeds.


    When milling and profiling one should use tools with hard-metal tips.


    For drilled holes the tools and machines commonly used for machining wood materials can be used.


    To achieve a machinable surface, light brushing (plastic) or rubbing with “Scotch-Brite” is recommended to remove any glue residues that can occur through the embossing process. The Embossed Board is then ready for oiling or lacquering. The exact processing instructions of the respective oil or lac-quer manufacturer are to be observed.


    Rough cut surfaces should be oiled/lacquered or edged. For this it is possible to obtain edges matching the respective top surface from our assortment. The standard thickness is 2.2 mm, other thicknesses possible on request.

  • Remarks
    Diverse specifications in this data sheet are based on tests that we our-selves have performed and on our own experience. However they cannot cover all parameters to be considered in the respective case of application and are therefore non-binding. The specifications represent neither a quality guarantee in the legal sense, nor an assurance of characteristics. No legal claims can be derived from these specifications. Deviations in colour and structure are not grounds for complaint, as real wood veneer is a product of nature. Complaints due to technical defects will be accepted within 10 days.


  1. waste-optimized large format
  2. authentic, matt embossed surface, with a 3-D surface free of splinters
  3. greatest possible uniform veneer sorting (in colour, image and embossing) – as a result can be used for sustainable series production
  4. cracks and knot holes pressed flush (filler effect)
  5. latest production technology with work’s own mould construction
  6. Veneer production, product development, latest press technology & sales (customer support) – all from one provider!
  7. high level of flexibility of an innovative family-owned business

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