This embossing is an original hand minced surface of old oak wood. The-150-year-old beams, which are exposed to the weather, have a very special surface. This surface together with old crafting skills gives you a unique structure.

By using the “Embossing Form Diamond” we can offer you this priceless beauty processed with a precious veneer into solid panels for the interior design.

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original hand minced surface of old oak wood


Multilayer veneer processed with high temperature and pressure


  • 2980 x 1250 mm (plywood carrier)
  • (Other formats on request!)


19,5 mm (+/- 0,5mm)

Altholz Eiche Diamant old oak wood
Asteiche Diamant knotty oak
Altholz Eiche Diamant Small
Asteiche Diamant Small

Available Wood Types

  • old oak wood
  • knotty oak
  • smoked larch

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