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With our own brand "Praegeboard" (embossed board) we have been successful in reproducing unique wood structures and surfaces and making them available permanently for carpentry, cabinetry, furniture and interior design. The boards are available in two embossing schemes - "Diamant" reproduces the surface of original hand-hewn antique beams, while "Spalt" represents a natural continuous longitudinal splitting of the wood and gives particularly light woods a very attractive structure.

Through our embossing process we are as well able to emphasize in particular the structure of the annual rings. This achieves a brushed-like optic and haptic without any splinters. The "Strukturboard" is a composite element with veneer top layer and an inner core made from V20 chipboard.


Our embossing board folder

To get a generous overview of our embossing board range the embossing board folder is available.
Download this for free as PDF, or simply ask for a printed version via mail at - we look forward to your inquiry!



Our programm „Salzkammergut Eiche“ is available as „Praegeboard“ (embossed boards), „Strukturboard“ (structure boards) or veneered wooden panels.

Salzkammergut Eiche